Welcome to Spinstream and thank you for joining us. Whether you’re at home on that exercise bike, at the gym on their static exercise bike, or maybe you’ve not mustered the confidence to take part in that noisy spinning class at the gym and you’ve jumped onto one of those imposing spin bikes in a quiet studio, or even on your own road bike that lives on a turbo trainer through the winter, we are going to give you all the motivation you need to get peddling, get fitter and get healthy
Fact, cycling is high energy, high intensity and lower impact!
Cycling is becoming more and more popular, in all it’s many forms and why, because it works. Let’s not focus on why or how it’s better than other forms of exercise, let’s just concentrate on making your cycling sessions as much fun as possible, let’s get the most out of each session and reap the rewards of being active with a smile on our face
Instructor led classes will provide that extra motivation and knowing you are taking part with people all across the planet will give you a feeling of belonging to the widest cycling community in the world. Tell us what you think, we are listening and will do our best to keep everyone happy and spinning.
The indoor cycling revolution is here!