Drum & Bass Turbo

C’mon guys, any sort of static bike, no excuses, get on this! Live ZOOM today too!

ZOOM LIVE! Spin classes today

At 12:15 & 13:30 UK time today, G will be teaching live classes 35 minutes each session, also facebook live (Gareth W Price) for 20 to 25 minutes, If you’re able to join us, the meeting ID is 225 245 4061. Contact gareth@spinstream.co.uk if you need any more info.

Zoom, & G Live TODAY!

Many of the enquiries we get, ask us when the live streams are going to occur? Making this possible from the Spinstream website has been more than a challenge. G is just a bit pedantic about the sound quality, so it’s not happened thus far. Today though, if you’ve got or can get in the next hour, the ZOOM app, log in, then at about 1:25 today, log into ‘Meeting ID 225 245 4061 and at 1:30, G is teaching a 30 minute class made of some requests from Bolton Spin Studio members, wanna join in?

Lockdown, Cracka Lacka

Another brand new set, one of 5 sessions about 20 minutes long, with G

MashUp 2020

To welcome a host of new members to Spinstream and of course, you guys that’ve been around a while (thank you) here’s Ian’s latest mix and we think you’ ll love it

84 BPM is up!

Another session in the RPM series, why not start here and work down through, 82, 80 and see how you go

82bpm session

Part 7 is online now, add this to the 60 minutes and you’ve got yourself one beast of a work out

80 bpm is up

Another 10 minutes of tough! Avago

Attack Happy TOO

Ian decided to stick to the RPL theme with another Attack Happy round of toughness