The Longest ever Spinstream session

Our big charity event raised over £2300 and here’s the sessions that helped us do that, well, most of it. 150 minutes for you guys to get your teeth into, or, to follow in the next few days, the sessions in 30 minute chunks, enjoy!

Today LIVE

Our two facebook live sessions are thirty minutes each, back to back and start at 12:29, we hope to see you I there. It’s in the members only Bolton Spin Lockdown group and if you’re not already a member, get a request done on facebook

Facebook LIVE and NEW content

We go live on Facebook in the Bolton Spin Lockdown group at 12:15 today, 90 minutes in total, dip in and out to suit your day. There’s another FULL 90 minute session online now if you prefer the BIG SPIN hit

New sessions added

3 x 30 minute high energy sessions added today, how much time have you got? Tailor your work outs to your timescales

Live today & welcome

Hey, first today, welcome to all the new members that have joined during lockdown, we hope you’re enjoying Spinstream, so, news about today’s live classes, we start at 12:15 in the Bolton Spin Lockdown group and through to 1:45, do as much or as little as suits you, you can always pick up on the session if you’ve not got 90 minutes on facebook later, or, here at the site when the session goes online in a few days time, if you need access to the lockdown group, just let us know

Lockdown group

If you’ve requested to be in the lockdown group and haven’t been approved, please check your Facebook messages. We have asked you for your spinstream user ID

Live today NEWS and a new 90m session

Today’s sessions are locked down at the Facebook private group ‘Bolton Spin Lockdown’ and start at 12:17 through to 13:47. Also, there a brand new 90 minute session online now here at the site, have a great day guys

Live today & another 90 minutes online

Today’s live sessions on facebook start at 12:00 noon, 3 x 25 minute distinct sessions for you, also, there’s another 90 minute LIVE class now uploaded here and ready for you, enjoy, have a great day

More content online now and new of today….

The May 5th 90 minute beasting is live now, do as much or as little as you want, enjoy and work hard! Today’s live classes are on G’s feed on facebook (Gareth W Price) and it starts at 12:15. Four 22 minute crackers through to 1:45, only getting respite after each set, do as many as you can.

News of LIVE et al

Another 90 minute session for you from Facebook LIVE on May 1st, plus today, we are LIVE on G’s facebook feed, FREE to anyone and of course our members, if you haven’t sent him a friend request yet (Gareth W Price) he’s waiting to hear from you so you’ll see him going live at 12:15 today with 2 x 45 minute sessions