Thursday stuff!

Hey Spinstream Team, it’s Thursday, we’ve just released the second part of Ian’s Crossover session, enjoy, the full 31 minute session will be live very soon. Next week, we relaunch the live Facebook group, formerly called Bolton Spin Lockdown, it’s now called Spinstream Live Studio and there will be at least one LIVE spin session every week on Facebook for Spinstream members, watch this space for more news. Have a great day folks

Wednesday NeWS!

Hey guys, today, we were live in the studio and let’s call it another raw cut with G, feel the mood and the lighting, its online now, in just half an hour a session with Ian called ‘Crossover’ will be live on the site so two for the price of one, part 1 of this 30 minute session with Ian, more soon

New session is UP!

The first of this week’s sessions is live, 45 minutes with G, c’mon, get on it. Have a great day everyone

Loadsa NEWS!

Today, there’ll be two new sessions going up, the headline act is Nicky’s Drills session 46 minutes of graft in the heat, 30 degrees it was. Also, G went live on facebook, and filmed, and had a studio audience/group doing the class. It’s raw, dimly lit to allow the group to enjoy their session but there’s plenty to get you lot going. Again, 45 minutes for you, news of more live Facebook sessions to follow, happy weekend SpiNnErs

Another 45er

A full 45 minute R1 friday night playlist just been uploaded, have a great day and remember, there’ll be another LIVE session with the studio crew very soon, so watch this space

Comin soon, all the team

Ian and Nicky have been in the studio delivering some ace classes, Lucy is back this week too, we are hoping to welcome into the team two more experienced instructors in the next few weeks, watch this space

Wednesday NeWs

Today, another 45 minute session is live AND tonight, maybe you’d like to join G and a dozen people in the studio at 5:15 on G’s Facebook page for a 45 minute session, it’ll be live on the site in a few weeks too, when all the video has been edited, spruced up and squeaky clean

Comfy Slippers, new session is up

Hey guys, a 45 minute session with G just been released. Tomorrow evening at 5:15 we will be live on Facebook on G’s feed, we hope you can join us for a 40 minute blasting with the studio crew too

that FRIDAY feeling

Hey guys, it’s friday and we’ve two releases for you today, Nicky was in the studio with us a few days ago and gives us this 25 minute cardio workout, check out the session in the TIPS & TRICKS section, earlier today, much earlier actually, G was teaching a brutal drills session to a full house LIVE in the studio, its a raw cut, but online now in the SPIN section, enjoy your weekend

Two express sessions online

Hey, the Pitbull session has been split into two 30 minutes if you’re short of time just now, get on it eh