Weekend news

A new 45 minute class with G is up, have yourself a controlled but frantic journey from 130 rpm right up to 146 rpm, can you keep up? Next week’s classes live on Facebook will be just as this week was, but more on that Tuesday, have a great weekend everyone

Spooky Halloween Spin

Nicky’s session for Halloween is live, don’t be scared she won’t bite! Get on it, time to get those legs spinning so fast they’d look like a bit ghostly

Thursday news

Later this morning, we will be releasing Nicky’s Spooky Spin Halloween session, 31 minutes for you of haunting tunes, see if you can see the storn brewing in the background. This week’s final live class kicks off at 06:45 tomorrow and later today will be another 45 minute G live on facebook session for you to take you into Friday and celebrate the spooky season with Nicky’s fantastic class!

Live this Halloween week

October, nearly over! Yipes

Another week for us here at the Studio starts right now, live classes this week start tonight at 6pm with a 45 minute session with G, again tomorrow morning at 06:45, again for 45 minutes with G. Tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, Nicky will be live for 30 minutes with a spooky Halloween themed session, we look forward to that, then 6pm tomorrow night a 60 minute spin/turbo session with G is live too. We wrap the week up with live session FIVE at 06:45 on Friday morning, no better time to get your day off to the best start, half term it might be for some of you, but no half measures in your efforts thank you very much!

New Session is up!

Another full on 45 minute session with G just been launched, it’s called ‘Marshmallow & Fargetta’ and it’s a tough un! Have a fantastic Tuesday Spinners, news on this week’s live facebook sessions to follow shortly

Bonus session for the weekend!

A bonus spin session with Ian, who we have to say, we call Harri, so maybe don’t be confused if you see that name in future if we slip up, have a fantastic weekend guys


Hey guys, the weekend is almost upon us, the live classes finished this morning at 07:30 and we will be back with four more sessions starting on Tuesday evening at 6pm, more on that soon. There’s a new 45 minute session with G just been released, have a great weekend, take care spinners

Thursday’s here

The entire 100 to 130 mega session with Ian is now live, if you’ve got three quarters of an hour then this is for you. Live on Facebook continues tomorrow morning at 06:45, who’s in? If you need access to the private member’s group, get in touch

Wednesday in eSpin world

Hey guys, another live class with G tonight at 6 on the Facebook Group Spinstream Live Studio and shortly, we will launch part 2 of Ian’s Batwoman 100 to 130 rpm session, enjoy!


Another 45 minute class with G just added, called Pace & Climb, plenty for everyone in there