Friday news and plenty of it

The week 3 benchmark 1 was completed this morning, how are your stats doing, remember, you’re trying to increase your average heart rate in bpm, never mind % its all about the average. Plus, get more time in the amber zone and that is about the % eh. Two sessions released just now, this morning’s class in the 10 week challenge and the 40 minute version of ‘Funk Arena’, game on, have a great weekend Spinstream Team

Week 3, Benchmark 2

The third version of the 20k Challenge is live, tomorrow the Benchmark 1 will get it’s third airing, are you sticking to your plans this January? It’s not too late to get involved and all you need to know is live on the site NOW!

Thursday news

The full 60 minutes of Duke Slanger has been released, plus part 1 (20 minutes) of a 40 minute session called Funk Arena, have fun. Today’s LIVE class went off and there’s one more, tomorrow at 06:45, come and join us to get your day, underway

The 10 week challenge explained

We’ve launched a brief explanation video to help more people understand the initiative and to get more folk involved, it’s never to late to start!

Wednesday News stuff

Hey guys, for the foreseeable you can rely on the current LIVE classes at the same time and days of the week, three more to go this week, tonight at we are live at 5! Part 2 of the Duke Slanger is now live, get on it and let’s see more of you on Strava too eh

Tips n Tricks

G’day team, a couple of technique videos just been added, ‘How to Set Up your bike’ and all about ‘The RIGHT shoes’ we hope they help, more soon on the week’s activities

Friday stuff

So, it’s the weekend and was asked by a member called ‘Brian’ if we could release yesterday’s session with all the cool Camelphat tuniage, deal, sorted, it’s up, I’m sure they said, can we have some Jane McDonald too, but that’s where the favours end Brian, have a good session over the weekend tho’

Live classes for next week are same as this week and you can access details by visiting there’s no need to book, but feel free if you want to, have a top weekend everyone

Thursday news

Class just finished this morning in the LIVE facebook group, hoping those in attendance enjoyed it. Shortly, we will be posting Nicky’s brillaint CLIMB class for you to get involved in and give it some BURN. Tomorrow ay 06:45 is the next LIVE session, look forward to seeing some of you in the virtual studio then, have a great day

More news

The two benchmark tests are up for week 2, compare your average heart rate week on week, time to get involved

New release

Part 1 of a two parter just been released in the SPIN section, get ON IT!