Brand New Post Class Stretch

We’ve asked Ian to make a short video of post spin session stretches, it’s now been released and we will be referring to it at the end of each class, let us know what you think

Wednesday stuff

Hey guys, live at 07:15 and we’ve just released the G session called ‘Unfinished Conversations’, Harri is live at 13:00 UK today with a 30 minute session, you tuning in at lunchtime? Have a great day

Drills Challenge Week 2

Hey, this morning’s DRILLS session, which is week 2 of the current 10 week challenge, it’s released to the site NOW!

Tuesday news

Hey guys, just released two express sessions with G and he’s LIVE today at 06:45 and 17:00 UK time, this morning it’s the Ultimate Drills week two, 7 x 5 in all it’s glory. Ian, Nicky and Vicky are LIVE with us this week and there’s an extra class at 10:00 on Saturday too, c’mon, time to work. Remember, if you want to know what’s up and coming, go visit for all the details

This week, what’s happening


Hey guys, welcome to Monday, it’s the real start to the week. Insight, the Spinstream studio isn’t normally open on a Monday but as it’s the run up to Easter Week, a few changes to the Live Schedule this week, go visit to see what’s happening yeah. A G 31 minute Spin & Turbo session just been released for you, get the numbers up guys, it’s a beast but, remember, YOU can do it, we all can. Have a great breakfast, more later

The NEW Studio Page

Hey guys, in case you hadn’t heard, the LIVE session schedule is featured in the new STUDIO page, the address is or you’ll find it under the LIVE page tab up top. What’s it all about, well, you can see what’s up and coming for the next seven days, that’s for starters, plus, when the studio opens you’ll be able to book your sessions at the studio in here. The first session back at the studio, on a Wednesday at 18:00 UK time, date to be announced will be by invitation only, there’ll be a limited number of bikes and, great news, it’s our first LIVE & LOUD of 2021, Gareth and DJ Ian Harrison ‘Harri’ come together to deliver a 45 minute, spontaneous and unique experience for those taking part. What’s Live & Loud you might ask, spin, live DJ mix and a sensory experience that leaves you with the feeling ‘It’s a night out without the hangover’. Watch this space

Sunday, what’s happening

Nicky’s Mad Dog session from Friday is now released for you to enjoy as often as you want, one of the members wrote in straight after the session finished on the live page on Friday, ‘….I thought the reps were never going to end, but a what a brilliant session Nicky, thank you….’ and then, ‘…..more soon please’, so of course, Friday LIVE with Nicky at 14:00 is scheduled for the coming week too. G’s Spin & Turbo session ‘Game of Groans’ is now released too, a 5 x 5 set with the maximum intensity you’re going to want! G also received a fantastic e.mail from one of the members yesterday ‘….just finished the Junk Offender session, loved every single tune and guys, just lovin’ what you’re doing with Spinstream just now….’. It’s great to hear and good or bad, keep it coming please team. It’s Sunday guys, we want you to have a great day ok, check out the Timetable page for the upcoming live sessions, Easter is almost upon us and there’s extra sessions this week, so have a look, see what suits you.

Harri’s Full English

Tomorrow with Harri

Saturday is here!

Hey guys, two new sessions been released to the SPIN and the they’ve been added to the TURBO section too, we hope you enjoy. Tomorrow, it’s Ian’s Full English Breakfast at 10:00 am UK, LIVE for you and later this weekend, Nicky’s Mad Dog 20:20:20 from yesterday will be going live. Have a great day everyone