Ian Harrison


Husband, Dad of two, fitness enthusiast, one time (so far) Ironman UK finisher and Indoor Cycling nut closing in on 10,000 saddle teaching hours since beginning over 10 years ago. I’m finally super confident in my application of presenting an indoor cycling class through years of hard graft and dedication to a fantastic workout in an ever growing market.

“Spin is, and don’t let anybody tell you any different, for everyone.”

Being a DJ has certainly contributed to enhancing my skill set on the bike, the biggest part of excelling as a spin instructor is ‘knowing your music inside out’. There’s listening to music, then there’s really listening to music!

Spin is, and don’t let anybody tell you any different, for everyone. You can even challenge an extremely wide range of fitness levels from the same class and that’s the amazing thing. Everybody belongs as one. It’s simple to execute, challenging on the heart and lungs, demanding on the core and legs in a super controlled, fun environment. There’s something special when the music, cycling, instructor and participants get together; I like to call it ‘a complete sensory experience’.

Aside from spinning, DJing, spending time with my family and competing in triathlons I teach the most amazing Drumming fitness classes into Primary Schools. It’s great giving back into schools where my journey with fitness and sport began years ago. I’ve achieved and enjoyed a fair bit in the sporting arena but there’s nothing yet that gives me that buzz that teaching spin does, and long may that continue!

Ian’s classes

House Classics #1 – 35 minutes

This IS Pure EVIL with Nicky – 45 minutes

Dancin’ with Fisher – 30 minutes

Danny Howard’s Best – 30 minutes

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