Bolton Spin Studio

19 Knowsley Street BL1 2AS Bolton

Bolton Spin Studio focuses on one thing, Spin, Indoor Cycling, call it what you will, we cycle indoors.

Currently we are open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday inclusive, but as we emerge from Covid, this may well change and increase in time, still, we offer Pay as You Go, or Membership options, neither has any tie-ins, fees or commitment. This is where we differ from the bigger gyms/Studios.

The commitment comes from the studio to you, not the other way round, to keep you engaged and be enjoying our classes by delivering the very best experience we can.

Top quality Club sound and lighting, the very latest tunes and the very best of the Old Skool, all genres, but mostly House and Drum & Bass music. Also, we have the best bikes in the world, the Keiser M3 that are not only smooth and silent, but ergonomically, the market leader in set up and feel.

Each bike has an onboard computer and most of them have a media tray for your phone/heart rate monitor to sit right in front of you, then of course, there’s the slick, quick gear shift that makes the other twist grip type bikes, used elsewhere feel like a work out in itself.

We have changing rooms, we have showers, we have member access entry systems too, so that our town centre location can be exclusive to our members, it’s super easy to check our up coming schedule for two weeks in advice and book your session, visit Studio – SpinStream or call 07798 853283 or even, email for more details.

Membership is £30 per month, no joining fees, no contracts, no minimum period, or, you can Pay as You Go, whatever suits you!

Each class is priced and can be paid for through PayPal if you’re not a monthly member. Our ethos, as we’ve mentioned is to reverse the concept of commitment, it’s up to us to keep our members interested, not make you pay for something you don’t want.

Live classes in the studio are streamed LIVE out to Spinstream members on the internet as they happen, both sets of members are catered for when a class occurs and online members can enjoy the experience of knowing they are not alone, whilst studio members can take part, knowing there’s onliners out there taking part too!

The studio is bespoke and some say boutique, not least we are all ears when it comes to Member’s suggestions and ideas, especially tune/music suggestions. We mix up Freestyle classes with HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training) and we advocate using Heart Rate monitors, but at the same time, insist that our classes are inclusive and can be done by ALL levels of people, experts and novices and fitness levels.

Bolton Spin Studio, a place for everyone

The studio is committed to regular Charity Events, having raised over £25,000 in 10 years for local and national charities, our Spinathons are legendary!

We have a strong social conscience and work not only with Charities but organisations like Co-op Bank to deliver help for local organisations. We have big plans for the next few years and are in talks with a local league 1 Football Club to organise a massive event for charity and set a world record for the most money raised in one day for an exercise class.

What our clients says

Bolton Spin Studio is not a gym. It’s not even a just a spinning studio. It’s a community where people come and work out together; they support, stretch and congratulate each other. They make friends. Most of spin stream is indoor cycling – but there is so much more. We raise lots of money for charity; we have regular guided hikes in Snowdonia & the Lakes and even cycling trips to the Alps.

We support and inspire each other. Several of us have trained for marathons and others have completed Ironman UK. Other members have provided amazing support and advice for everything from dealing with blisters to how to swim in open water; training programs and nutrition. Not everyone does big events. Plenty of others enjoy coming to the studio once or twice a week to keep fit and catch up with friends.

Andrew S

I’ve been to spin classes with various instructors and Gareth’s are by far the best. His passion and commitment to the craft are apparent at every session, he always brings his A game. His attention to detail with his music choices are second to none from both a structural and motivational perspective. He changes his classes up and you never quite know what to expect which always adds to the fun.

Katy T

I’ve been a member of the studio since the early days. Fast forward to 2020 when covid hit and adaptations had to be made. Gareth and the SpinStream team did everything in their power to keep us active, engaged and part of the community which has been built over the years. Without this consistency I personally would have struggled – exercise for some, is key to not only physical but mental health too. Now I’m doing a mix of home & office working, SpinStream offers me the flexibility to spin with my buddies in the studio or solo at home – you’re never really on your own though! I’m sure G knows when I’m not putting the effort in & seems to shout just at the right time!

Rhian V

I have been a member of the studio for a few years now and always find it fits my needs. It adapted brilliantly during covid making sure members could still exercise, always a lovely warm atmosphere from other members and enough classes to choose from to allow maximum flexibility. Best of all… the banging tunes don’t make it feel like exercise at all

Laura R

What a great spin class.!! Such a wide choice of awesome classes. The difficult part was choosing which one to do…..bouncing tunes which motivated me. even tried to sing a little

Heidi A

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