Another 20 minute session, keeping the content rolling onto the pages here at Spinstream, especially suitable for you guys on turbo trainers

Wednesday 29 LIVE!

Change of plan for today, still two sessions, 12:15 and 13:01 and Ian’s plans to broadcast from outside will be swapped to Friday at 12:15 as the forecast looks a bit grim for today, last minute change to the mix, so if you’re keen to get a request in to session 2 today, you have till 08:59! c’mon. Facebook G at his private messenger he’s Gareth W Price

More LIVE sessions, here’s part 1

Another 26 minutes of Live Spin online now! 15th April Part 1

Tuesday is LIVE!

If you’d like to join us at the private, members only Facebook Group for LIVE sessions this lunchtime and you’re not yet a member of Bolton Spin Lockdown, then please request FREE membership and we will see you between 12:15 and 1:45 today, contact Gareth if you have any problems

Magic 100

Lots of members been asking for more RPM spin, if that’s you, a weekend bonus for you and if it’s not you, get on it anyway! C’mon

Live on Friday!

Today, three classes 12 noon till 2pm, Ian is in the Facebook Bolton Spin Lockdown group at midday and G takes over at 12:45 for two more sessions through till 2, if you’ve not got access to the group yet, just search, request and membership will be yours if you’re a Spinstream member, we look forward to seeing you at noon

Part 4 First LIVE the final episode

The last part of the first live facebook is online now!

Part 3 LIVE

It’s online now, enjoy!

Wednesday LIVE

So, today’s live classes happen at the Bolton Spin Lockdown Facebook Group, if you’re not a member, just visit here https://www.facebook.com/groups/boltonspinlockdown/ and request membership, if you’re already a member, it’s two 45 minute classes back to back, see you at either 12:15 or 13:01, have a great morning

Facebook LIVE Part 2 is up

The second session of last Tuesday’s LIVE broadcast on Facebook is online now, on it’s own or do the full hour with part 1, enjoy!