Wednesday NEWS!

Well, the first two LIVE sessions from the ‘LIVE’ page here have gone better than could be expected! More importantly, the members that did the classes have been in touch via e.mail and facebook, letting us know what they thought of it all and so far, everything has been positive and we are delighted, keep the feedback coming guys. Today’s offering is an exact copy of last night’s session with G, be released in a few minutes


Wednesday news

Just released this week’s Benchmark 1, week 7 and benchmark 3 will up shortly, get on it team

Thank you to Sally

We heard from Sally about how much she’s enjoying her sessions, especially the other day, Nicky’s 20:20 and we can’t let this pass without saying thank you and at the same time, explaining how we crave YOUR feedback too, the video is in the ‘Tips and Tricks’ section, have a great day Sally

Sunday news, Harri’s latest session

Not only Harri’s latest session, but following on from Nicky’s first session from her home studio, this is his first home studio session too. Enjoy the clever use of rhythm in this unique class

Saturday news and releases

Not only are we at Spinstream investing in our system and site, to bring you an ever better service, but the team are massively upgrading their kit so they can deliver from their own studios, not only great classes and great video, but high quality sound, both music and voice, why not have a listen to Nicky’s 20:20 session tonight and then, try it tomorrow on your spinner eh. Top work here Nicky

Week 6 Complete

Yesterday’s 20k challenge is live, sorry for the delay guys, if you need this session to complete week 6 of the challenge, get on it! Have a great weekend

Week 6 News

This morning’s Benchmark 1 is now live, if you’re hammering the 10 week challenge, c’mon get it done, tomorrow morning live at 07:15 the nasty 20k challenge that is Benchmark 2, completes week 6

Thursday news

Paul from Westhoughton contacted the Spinstream Studio and asked for yesterday’s DRILLS session to ‘go up’ early, thanks mate, it’s a beast and it’s LIVE now, it’s not a benchmark, but it certainly is in the 5 x 5 concept. Shortly, this morning’s Benchmark 1, week 6 will be released for you to see how you’re getting on against your own previous stats, good luck and work hard y’all

Wednesday Stuff

Just released a 29 minute session called ‘System Nopus’ for you, we hope you enjoy it. News on the migration of the LIVE classes into the website, well, we ran a test with our new page and the tech in the background yesterday and it went well, thanks to the guys at DeType, especially Sam for all his hard work and guidance, Harri and Nicky working hard as we work towards getting them launched on the LIVE platform too, have a great day Spinstream Team

Tuesday news

Live class went ahead at the new time of 07:15 and is staying there for now. Today was the first outing of the Benchmark III and it’s now live here on the site, it’s different to the 5 x 5 that is Benchmark 1, different HIIT’s but same end product.