Three Minute Flows

Want to make the most of a twenty minute spin session, give this a try today. High intensity flows/drills call them what you will, follow Ian’s lead start to finish, YOU CAN!


Indie Part 2

Hey guys, Ian’s been mad keen to get this second Indie session in the can, it’s up now, try part 1 if you haven’t already first, enjoy!!

Birthday’s are meant to last longer when you’re older…..

…. G takes his time over his birthday’s these days and indulging himself in some top tunes is just a part of it, so, join him on his Birthday Spin part 2, later today and this weekend

Birthday Greetings

It was G’s birthday last week, that day he was teaching 4 studio classes but couldn’t resist slamming another two sessions into the hurt locker, the first part is up now!

Part 3 for the weekend!

Ian’s 2019 sprint series is complete, all three sessions are now live and ready to go, what you waiting for?

Creamfields is LIVE

…so to speak, enjoy this session this weekend, we hope you like the challenge and love the tunes!

Sprint Series Part 2

Ian’s not only got the second part of the sprint series online now but some amazing tunes too! What you waiting for guys?

Radio 1 Bangers

On the way back from trail walking, saturday afternoon, some amazing recently released bangers on Radio 1, enjoy it you spinners, online now and if you’d like to refer a friend, it’s free to use for 24 hours

Sprint Series with Ian

Watch out later today, Ian’s sprint series gets under way with Part 1 of 3, try it out this weekend