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Thursday NeWs!

Live today at 1:15 a very disciplined session, join us and see, at the Spinstream Live Studio. Also, a 60 minute absolute beast session, if you’ve got a computer, YOUR TARGET is 40km in the hour, pace and rythym, it’s called ‘Journey 120 to 136’

News for Wednesday

Hey guys, a new 45 minute class just released called ‘Spinners & Timewarps’ we hope you enjoy it. Today, we are live at 1:11pm for 39 minutes, two back to back sessions approximately 20 minutes each, do the full session or if you’re pushed for time, go half with Part 1 or Part 2, have […]

Tuesday news and Nicky session released

Today, the LIVE facebook session starts at 1:11pm, so we hope to see all you guys that have been asking for live sessions in there eh! Nicky’s recent BIG climb heavy session has just been released, it’s called ‘Cheeky Climbs’ which is a cheeky title in more ways than one, get ready to work that […]

LIVE this week

Hey guys, new week, new levels, let’s go! Facebook LIVE sessions this week are Tuesday and Wednesday for sure, but once we know if the studio can open (unlikely) we will post news about the rest of the week. Have a great Mon day and get ready for some new releases tomorrow.

Live today

Today’s live session is at 1:10pm, and it’s 40 minutes of bruising climbs split into two 20 minute distinct sessions, you want to go 40, you’ll not even feel the join, no rest for the wicked, but if you’re short of time, pick a start time of 1:10 or 1:30, see ya!

Thursday, hip hip!

Live in the Member’s Group at 1:15pm today with a 30 minute express class for you, if you haven’t got access please get in touch. New session just released called ‘Keep me guessing’ 45 minutes, av’ that!

Wednesday, here we go!

Good morning all, a new 45 minute class just been released called ‘Sandstorm, Code BLACK’ enjoy that, 45 minutes in front of a live class, just before lockdown 2. Also today, we are live at 1:15 with a 30 minute express session in the Facebook Group ‘Spinstream Live Studio’ I hope you can join us […]

Tuesday News

Hey guys, here in the Spinstream studio Harri (Ian) is smashing out a live class and we are letting know it’ll be live on the site too, in a few weeks. Meanwhile, get ready for Nicky’s session at 4pm today, also, a 45 minute session with G called ‘Leave the World Behind’ just got released […]