More Content & LIVE today

Over 2.5 hours of brand new content just gone up, also, we are live in the big open wide world on G’s facebook page today, all welcome, tell your mates!

Live today and more content

We’ve just added another 60 minute session and if you can, we are live on Facebook in the private members group at 12:15, jump on when you’re ready

More new content & news about today LIVE!

Uploaded today, 90 minutes sessions called Cog & Spigot, if you’ve not got 90 minutes, both 45 minute parts of the class have been uploaded separately, also, today, we go live at 12:15 in the Lockdown group, need access, get in touch, have a great Thursday

New stuff & LIVE today

Another 60 minute session just been uploaded, enjoy! One of today’s classes happened earlier at 6:30, the next one is a 45 minute session at 12:15 today, if you’re not already a member (it’s free) of the Bolton Spin Lockdown group then get in touch

New Content and LIVE news

Tons of new content added today people, and here’s the news on today’s LIVE session at the Bolton Spin Lockdown group, two sessions, starts 12:15 till after 1pm, see you there

New content today!

There’s three hours of new content online now to keep you busy over the weekend, not forgetting all the new stuff this week. Classes start LIVE at 12:15 today at the Facebook Bolton Spin Lockdown group, join us and if you’re not a member yet, just ask.

New & LIVE today

3 x 25 minute sessions just released to the site, one or two of these should pack a punch if you’re on a time budget today. Live classes are at 12:15 today and yes, you Spinstream members can have free access to the Bolton Spin Lockdown group, just ask/request and it’s yours

New Class online

We’ve posted a 75 minute session for you, all three of the component sessions will be live soon too if you’ve not got over an hour to spare just now

Today’s LIVE classes

Well, we are live twice, you missed one if you didn’t see yesterday’s message but there’s another at 12:15 today, 45 minutes, c’mon, request membership of Bolton Spin Lockdown and avago!

This week’s LIVE sessions

Hey guys, this week’s classes are in the Bolton Spin Lockdown Group and the whole week schedule is as follows:

Today, its 12:15 for 90 minutes, 3 x 30 minute sessions

Tomorrow it’s 06:30 for 45 minutes and 12:15 for 45 minutes

Thursday and Friday are as today, again, here in the lockdown group, see you soon I hope