Live tonight

We go live in the member’s private group in ONE HOUR!

Bonus session is UP

50 minute session with G is online now, some truly amazing tunes from last month on a Radio 1 friday night

Live & News

Ian’s full 43 minute 2 parter is now entire for those of you that want MORE and plenty to get your teeth stuck into, also, in addition to this morning’s 45 minute live Facebook session with G, he’s live again this evening at 6:15pm, c’mon!

Part 2 from Ian

The second half of Ian’s Vibrations set is live, like many of Ian’s clever classes, you can do this by itself of, do it back to back with part 1, we will be releasing the 42 minute version tomorrow, have a great day Spinners

Live this week on Facebook

Classes will be live tonight at 6:15pm, tomorrow at 06:45am and 6:15pm, and again on Friday at 06:45am, all 45 minute sessions with G, don’t be late for the start, those sessions won’t be staying on the group. If you’re a member here you’re entitled to free access to the group and in case you didn’t know, it’s called Spinstream Live Studio, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Two sessions for the weekend

Happy Friday everyone and thanks to the guys who joined us on the Redeye session this morning. Two new spin sessions for you, a raw cut with G from Wednesday morning and a crackin’ 20 minute class with Ian, happy weekend y’all

New session online

A 30 minute express session is online now, if you’re pushed for time, give this a go, but GO HARD! 70 to 75 rpm focused

Next LIVE!

G is live in the studio tomorrow morning at 06:45am, 45 minutes for the audience to start their weekend, if you need access to the Facebook group to take part too, please get in touch. Have a great morning

Bonus 45 minute session is up

Extra session for this Wednesday, 45 minutes of mixed spin for you with G, online now

Last night’s LIVE session is online

Last night we did a really tough drills HIIT session, it’s now here on the site for you to quite literally BEAST yourself, if it’s not clear what to do, just sit down for 6 minutes and ensure the heart rate is bang on 70%, no more and no less. Then, follow your leader, what could be simpler?