Happy New Year TEAM!

New Year’s Eve, wow, what a year!

We’ve released part 2 of the ‘Let’s PRESS GO’ session just now, we hope you enjoy it. live classes are back on Tuesday of next week, with an 06:45 and 5pm pair of 30 minute classes for you, hope to see you then, meanwhile, there’s so much content on the site now and if you want the recent vibe, check out the Facebook Group ‘Spinstream Live Studio’ as most of the latest live classes are there for you to do at your leisure, laters.

Wednesday the 6th night of Christmas

Hey guys, one LIVE session done already today, another at 5pm with G, also, the full 60 minute session of ‘Drills & Decker’ is up, PLUS a new 30 minute session, part 1 of 2, called ‘Let’s PRESS GO’ so, why don’tcha

Tuesday news

Today, live session went off at 06:45 as scheduled, we hope you’ll join G this evening at 5pm for another 30 minute express’o. Another upload occurring shortly and tomorrow two more live sessions at 06:45 and 5pm again, we hope you have a great day, come on, New Year is almost upon us, why wait, get on on it for ’21.

Post Christmas live!

Tomorrow guys, we go at 06:45 and 5:00 pm. Two thirty minute blasts that’ll both be saved to the Facebook group after we’ve finished. We hope to see you then

Wednesday, festive news

Live tonight at 5pm for 30 minutes on Facebook at OUR exclusive group, hope you’ll join in. Last session before Christmas. Shortly, there will be a 30 minute Part1  for you to get into, be released and ready

New post and LIVE news

The full 60 minute session called Shivers & Tiga has just been released, enjoy. Not sure anyone was at class this morning at 6:30, but we go again tonight at 5:15 with another all new 30 minute express session, have a great day

Live today, the NEWS!

Hey guys, today’s live is at 1:05pm, two, 20 minute sessions, back to back and why 1:05? So, that you people taking lunch 1 till 2 can do the whole session, but, if you’re pressed for time, do one of the other, session 2 will kick in at around 1:25pm, have a great morning. Heads up, let’s see how a red eye session suits some of you, tomorrow morning at 6:30am a 30 minute express session for you to get your day and your weekend off to a flyer!

Part 2 released

Yesterday, we released the first part of Shivers & Tiga, part 2 is online now, we hope you’ll enjoy another thirty minute beasting, have a great day team!

New sessions released

A 30 minute session with G, the first part of a one hour mega session is just released for you, remember, G is live today at 1pm on Facebook group ‘Spinstream Live Studio’, have a great day

Wednesday live

Is at 1pm today, in the Facebook member’s group as always, hope to see you there for a 30 minute express session, have a great day all.