Thursday news

Hey guys, we’ve just released Ian’s session called ‘Hills v Sprints part 3’, like it says, it’s the third in a series, we hope you’ll enjoy, it’s another amazing class from his home studio, which we like to call the DRUHM Cave. We are live today at 06:45 with G and hope to see some of you there. Tomorrow, Nicky is live at 12:30, so watch out for news of that, have a great day

New week

Hey guys, it’s Monday. We hope you’ve had a great weekend, today, we’ve released a 33 minute session, a clever synchronisation of G’s spin class and a YouTube video with Fat Boy Slim on the British Airways i360. When you do the session watch out for the clips especially during the climbs, it’s all perfectly together. Ian is live today at midday for you, then G is back on Wednesday, as always, check out the Timetable page at, have a great day.

Sunday stuff

Hey guys, it’s the weekend and Sunday is here, let’s enjoy every minute. If you’re on the bike today, we’ve released another D&B infused session with G called ‘Dimension Reps #2’, it’s 32 minutes of 87rpm cadence. If you’re keen to take part in the live sessions this week, then please go visit for all that’s happening in the studio in the next 7 day, sessions being added all the time, so keep in touch. Have a great day.

Saturday, oh boy!

Hey team, how are YOU today? It is the WEEKEND, what’s up? Now, we do so hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Nicky, Ian and G in the Live Studio this week, hopefully Vicky will be back very soon and that’ll put us back to full strength. We’ve just released what was a very popular Rock Spin session, No2, from recently in the Live Studio, we hope you’ll enjoy it. Have a great day, enjoy your weekend, Live is back Monday with Harri’ (Ian) but go check for what’s happening.

Thursday, so much goin’ on

Today, THREE live sessions for you, G, Ian and Nicky. Go see for the info, also today, we will be releasing the SPIN section of the Nicky set called ‘Earn your weekend’ watch out for that going online a little later this morning. Have a great day everyone, c’mon, let’s GO!

Wednesday, wonderful

Two live sessions and a new release today guys, always check the page for all that’s happening live both here on the website and in the studio when it opens. Today, we’ve released a session called ‘Warriors & Apricots’, we know, random title or what, but can in there and enjoy the session, work hard yeah, this one, like we say, is for ALL levels ok, have a great Wednesday yeah!


Tuesday, let’s GO!

Bank Holiday, done! Right, let’s crack on with the week, G is live today at 06:45 and 17:00, here’s where you check out all the stuff, it’s including 2 sessions each from Nicky and Ian this next 7 days. We’ve just released another 30 minute session with Ian in his Hills v Sprints series and this is the second. Have a great day guys, we are back with a bang after the weekend and here’s wishing you a fantastic week.

Monday Bank Holiday, it’s MAY, some news

Hey guys, Ian is live today at 11:00 uk time, join him at for another 40 minute session in the Viral series, the final part. We’ve just released a G session of 32 minutes, a Radio 1 Ripper with lots of tunes, both current and classic from a very recent Radio 1 Dance session, enjoy and have a fantastic Bank Holiday

Sunday Turbo News

Hey team, a 31 minute Spin & Turbo session with G just been released. It’s Sunday, maybe an express session like this is what you need to crack out out today’s exercise and including the prep and shower, you’ll be done in an hour, whatever time you decide to have a go, happy Sunday guys!

Today’s release

We just released today’s new class. A spin session restricted entirely to 70 to 75 RPM, chucking away the concept of using traditional finishing tracks at the end, we kick off with a track that G has used hundreds of times at the end of sessions, by starting the class with ‘Pirates’. Using only the natural lifts and drops in the music to dictate the higher intensity sections of the sessions, you will be motivated to work harder as the class leader and the music combine to deliver high energy as required. Have a fantastic Saturday team, peace out on this Bank Holiday weekend.