84 BPM is up!

Another session in the RPM series, why not start here and work down through, 82, 80 and see how you go

82bpm session

Part 7 is online now, add this to the 60 minutes and you’ve got yourself one beast of a work out

80 bpm is up

Another 10 minutes of tough! Avago

Attack Happy TOO

Ian decided to stick to the RPL theme with another Attack Happy round of toughness

78bpm, part 5 is up

Part 5 78bpm is live now! Dive in there, have a go! Stitch a few RPM sessions together, smash it

Part 4 of the RPM series is up

Time to ramp things up another 2 notches, see how you go!


Enjoy it you Streamers

74bpm is UP!

Crank it up in your next session, 74bpm session is live, if youve got 10 minutes, go hard, if you’ve got thirty dive in, go 70, 72 and 74 it’ll wreck your legs

Part II, RPM series, 72bpm

Hey there, just this week someone asked for more express sessions, done! Here’s part two of the RPM series, we think you’ll find it more than a tad tougher than part 1, go for it!!!

70bpm and the RPM series

New session posted, its part 1 of the RPM series, have a go at 70 bpm for ten minutes, see how THAT feels

2019 All wrapped up, Go Ian, Go YOU!

Ian has mixed up some absolute classic 2019 Bangers here, just dive up, turn up the volume