Spinstream is delighted to have been awarded authorised dealer status for the Keiser m3i and m3i Lite indoor bikes.

We truly believe it is the ‘Best in Class’ indoor cycling exercise machine in the world.

We have seen comparison reviews of the m3 range against the best of the rest and the m3 range is the stand out, world class option that Spinstream is more than happy to be associated with. 

So, why buy from Spinstream you might well ask.

 Firstly, we price match the Keiser online price, we deliver the bike to your home free of charge, that would cost £90 from Keiser. Then we build the bike for you, free of charge, you’d need no tools or know how, then we ‘bike fit’ up to two people, again, free of charge and give you free access to Spinstream Premium, access all areas of this site, for 6 months. We take care of any warranty issues and help to look after your bike as long as you own it. Why then from Spinstream, because we take what’s already the best in the world and give it those final few finishing touches, to make it look and feel perfect

TWO bikes in one

TWO bikes in one, we think the Keiser m3 indoor bike is not only the best indoor bike in the world, but we also think it’s the best partner for cycling apps like Zwift, FulGaz, Sufferfest, BKool and the like, of which there are many. 

Spring ’21, most of these apps need the Keiser Convertor to connect the bike to the pc running the apps (via Bluetooth) but, as things develop, BKool for example links automatically, without the convertor, we expect more virtual apps will follow suit soon.

So, your spin bike allows the whole family to exercise, without having to use tools to adjust the bike and, more importantly, without having to use fussy smart trainers that live under a standard road bike that belongs to and is set up for, one member of the family and of course, that awful chain noise that is completely unnecessary if you’re keen to have the best experience possible, let alone, no bike and trainer combo ever worked that well in a spin class. 

Keiser M3i Indoor Bike | Built Entirely Around You
Industry Firsts – – Keiser M3i Indoor Group Cycle
Keiser M Series Bike Pedal


Gareth has this to say about the m3 v Smart Trainer debate:

‘Most road cyclists will tell you that using a road bike on top of smart trainer is the perfect winter/bad weather training solution. I’m here to tell you, in my opinion, it’s not! I’ve had conversations with cyclists who believe there’s only the bike/smart trainer combo worth looking at and none of them, not one, has ever tried the m3 to pc option, not one! I’ve tried Tacx Neo, I’ve tried Wahoo Kicker and for me, there’s no debate!

Never mind the fact that ‘trainer control’ evokes the automatic gear change experience, which is more virtual than any virtual app, as in, it’s a dream world of delusion, no road bike in the world changes gear for you. Using the m3, you replicate the real within the virtual, it’s simple and easy to do, but the m3 rider, controls the ‘feel’ of the ride’

Work your magic with this nugget

All Premier League teams train on Keiser m3 bikes, if ever there was a telling testimony to the quality and reliablity of the m3, then surely, this has to be all you need to know.

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