Tuesday news

Live class went ahead at the new time of 07:15 and is staying there for now. Today was the first outing of the Benchmark III and it’s now live here on the site, it’s different to the 5 x 5 that is Benchmark 1, different HIIT’s but same end product.

Week 6 and some changes to mornings

So, it’s week 6 of the 10 week challenge. To try and encourage a few more morning spinners, the 06:45 session is being moved to 07:15, Tuesday through Friday. We look forward to seeing more of you guys online then. Please visit https://bookwhen.com/vintagestudio for details

Friday stuff

The LIVE class from this morning is released now, Benchmark 1 of week 5, from here on, as youve had 5 weeks to improve, the classes will be stiffened up for the second half of the 10 week challenge, so, how YOU doin’?

10 Week Challenge week 5

Benchmark 2 from last night has just been made live here on the site, there’s one more LIVE class this week and as we’ve not done Benchmark 1 Week 5 yet, go figure Team ……

How YOU doin’

So, with the 10 week challenge coming to the half way point, it’s worth mentioning this is for you guys, it’s been designed to be soft focus and out of the headlights so that you can decide how much or how little or even if you want to just do the classes and have done with it. But, we’d like to get your feedback, successes and challenges from you, message us here at the website or via the live classes group or the Spinstream Facebook page, how YOU doin’ we ask, pounds lost, millimeters gained, ouch let’s talk. Which classes work for you, what would you like to see changed? Please let us know

New Session with Harri!

Hey guys, a 38 minute session with Ian just been released, we hope you enjoy his class. There’ll be more and better about the levels of classes ongoing, but for now, have a go at this, Ian talks plenty about taking part to the level YOU CAN, get what you’re looking for, have fun

Live at 5!

45 minutes to the LIVE facebook session, fingers crossed it doesn’t get interrupted this time, see you then Spinners

Tuesday news

Hey, we’ve just released the 30 minute session called ‘Bladerunner’ a freestyle mixed session. Also, LIVE schedule (still on Facebook) is detailed here https://bookwhen.com/vintagestudio there’s no need to book, but rather than mention the schedule here, you can always click across to there and check out what’s happening and when

Hey, it’s Friday….

… and it’s week 4 of the 10 week challenge. We will keep it up, it’s up to you though, it’s your health and fitness at the end of the day, so go hard and improve on YOUR stats but nobody elses matter. This morning’s session is now live on the site here, G is still pumped that he managed the 20.3 kilometres this morning, so can you be!

Good morning

06:45 today, it’s the week 4, 20k challenge, will you make the distance in exactly 30 minutes? There’s a new video just been uploaded called ‘Dust Planet Drilling’ HIIT/Drills session for Spinners and Turbo members. We are working hard and investing time and money into getting our LIVE platform ready for you, right here in the site, watch this space for more news.