Friday FeelGood!

Oh yes, not only is it Friday, but it’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK! Let’s hope we see some decent weather and hey guys, whatever the weather, you’ll be able to find a ton o’ stuff here to keep you active, whatever time you decide you want to work out. Just released today’s streaming session for you, it’s called ‘Turbo 1 TEN 2 ONE 15’ with G, he’s live at 06:45 today and then, midday, Nicky is back with a full on 50 minute session, here’s what she had to say yesterday, have a great weekend guys

Thursday HERE!

Hey team, G live at 06:45, Ian live at Midday and more still, we’ve just released a session called ‘Unfinished Chemical Peppers’ for you. Less than a week away from the launch of the all new, 2021 version of Spinstream, Nicky live tomorrow too, it’s all good news here. Have a fantastic day!

G’day, it’s Wednesday

Hey team, Wednesday! So, we’ve just released a spin and turbo, seated session called ‘Give the Elephant a BisCit’ and it’s for everyone, Sprints and Climbs whatever kit you use, this is for you. As always guys, check out the page for news of live news, but today, we are mixing it up with 06:45 and midday UK times. That means, three lunch time, midday sessions to the end of the week, G today, Ian tomorrow and Nicky on Friday. Have a great day and remember, like the Rock Spin gang last night, if YOU have any requests, then get in touch.


Hey guys, two live sessions today, check out for details of those and this week’s live sessions, just released a thirty minute banger with G, ‘It Happens Sometimes’ aaaaaand GO!!!! Have a great day

Monday HERE!

Hey team, it’s Monday! Just released a session called ‘Classics #4’ for you, we hope you enjoy it, nearly 40 minutes long. New day and new week, G here. ‘Don’t know about you, but I’m looking out at a beautiful sunrise this morning, I hope you are too. I’m full of good intent today and want to follow on from an epic week of nearly 14 hours and 150 miles of riding and probably more importantly, the upcoming release of the website, plus the team all being back for LIVE sessions this week. I hope you’ve got training goals and exciting things happening in your world right now too. I’ll be writing my G’ournal in the ‘Don’t Just Wish’ page shortly, maybe head over there and see if my endeavours can inspire you to be your best. Have a fantastic Monday, have an awesome week’ G, peace out y’all.

Saturday, hey

It’s Saturday right, but maybe if you join Ian for his Hills V Sprints session, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve skipped a day, ah, the wonders of the virtual world of spin eh! Just released this session for you, another crackin’ 30 minute session from your boy Harri’. Enjoy the session guys, and hey, enjoy every minute of your Saturday too. It’s the WEEKEND yeah!!

Mountain Treks

A feature of the studio in Bolton has always been the regular mountain walks, well, Covid dealt that a blow and this year our first trek is on June 5th in North Wales, a challenging route for sure that will include some steep gradient and some easy scrambling, but you guys are all invited, there’s a limit to how many G can take, but let’s see.

Friday tis Here

Hey guys, it’s Friday, no live session at 06:45, but Nicky will more than make up for that at midday with a 30 – 20 combo for you, 50 minutes in total! Bike and Floor today. Today, we’ve released Classics #3 with G, a 34 minute session celebrating Spin and 10 years of amazing House Tunes, the final chapter, for now….

Thursday news

Hey guys, two sessions for you today, G is live at 06:45, Ian is LIVE at midday, it’s quick and easy to keep up with what’s happening and when by calling by too. We’ve just released the second in the ‘Classics’ series, it’s 33 minutes and we hope you’ll enjoy the session. Big news, the new version of the site is going live on Tuesday 4th May ’21, so much has happened in the last few months and soon we will be saying hello to the 2021 version of SpinStream. Have a really great day guys

Wednesday news

Hey guys, we’ve just released the release a new session from G called ‘House Classics #1’ it’s the first part of the set of classes featuring all the best of the House tunes we’ve been playing in studio and on Spinstream these last 10 years