m3 Range video, compelling

Yeah, compelling proof of why the m3 range is the leading indoor cycling bike in the world. Please remember, it’s also the perfect partner for cycling apps like Zwift, FulGaz and others like Sufferfest, easy and quick connectivity using the Keiser Convertor, have a watch, 2 minutes. No chain, no noise, no faff!

Tuesday NEWS!

Just released, Nicky’s 45 minute session, on and off the bike. It’s called ‘This IS pure Evil’, well what are you waiting for, get on it eh? And, later today we will be announcing the date and time of the new site release, so excited to get this latest version out to you guys to enjoy a whole new, improved Spinstream experience.

Hey, m3i or Peloton – Independant Reviewer

So, we’ve watched this video and whilst the guy won’t commit to which one he’d buy, watch the video and like us, you might wonder how the Peloton unit is even a contender for the BEST family exercise bike in the WORLD, never mind the extra hundreds of pounds to buy it, or the hefty £30 a month to use the classes, or the fact that you can’t do virtual cycling on it, or that it’s got to be plugged into the mains to use the fancy screen, or that anyone under 5 foot something can’t use it, or anyone over 6 foot 5 inches can’t use it, come on, really, there’s only one contender! Decide for yourself tho’


Monday hey!

Spinstream team, howzit today? We’ve just released a new session from G that’ll get you going this morning and he’s back LIVE in the studio tomorrow at 06:45 and 17:00 UK time, there’ll be more new content tomorrow too and let’s not forget, we are counting down to the all new, 2021 version of Spinstream, the team are excited to see all the improvements and changes to the site and we are proud to announce the new m3 page that will have it’s own place in the Spinstream home. We truly hope you like the look and feel of our new home on the internet and we look forward to hearing anything you’d like to say about the site, have a fantastic day everyone.

The m3 video from Keiser

Hey team, we’ve being looking into some of the excellent videos on YouTube from Keiser and whilst they are of course, advertising the bike, we feel they are very much extolling the virtues that you as the potential owner should be aware of. On YouTube also, there is a great video about the comparison between the m3i and the Peloton bike, well, that’s for another day, but having watched that video, we know which bike is the winner. Take a look at this excellent 8 minute video and learn all you need to know about the kit and know this, as the reviewer in the ‘aforementioned comparison video’ says, you are watching an industry accepted ‘Flagship Bike’


Not just a pedal

Hey guys, having been all over the new m3i Lite this week, I wanted to share something rather specific with you today, it might go unnoticed by some as it does it’s job well. But, having used Shimano pedals in the main for the last 12 years, I am well impressed with this new Keiser pedal, the video says much more than I can

Danny Howard’s set complete

A couple of weeks ago, G put together 4 sessions based on a 2 hour set on Radio 1 with Danny Howard, we’ve released part 3, the final selection of tracks and the 4th part, a ‘best of’ round up for you. It’s Sunday team, the Spinstream team are off air today, most of them taking a rest day but we will be back on Tuesday at 06:45, as always if you want to keep up with up coming LIVE sessions, then visit https://spinstream.co.uk/studio for the schedule, have a great day


Hey team, Saturday is here, we reach the weekend of the first week of ‘post lockdown’ and the weather looks great, the mood feels great, we hope you are feeling great today, a hitch, Ian’s afternoon Tea session today is postponed till a technical glitch at his home studio is fixed, won’t be long, meanwhile, two G sessions, centred around a fabulous Radio 1 rip a few weeks ago are launched this morning, over an hour of spin for you today. Next week is all about the new Spinstream web site, we are counting down to the launch in a couple of days, G has seen some of the screens and pages and is delighted with the brilliant work done so far by DeType and we can’t wait to share the new experience with you guys, have a great day, it’s the weeeeeeekend!

Harri’s Full English

We’ve just released Ian’s 30 minute session called ‘Harri’s Full English’. If you weren’t around for the LIVE performance, well, here you go! LIVE at 06:45 this morning, it’s G for 45 and then at noon today it’s LIVE with Nicky and ‘Bob says Own it!’, lots to do, get on it guys. Not least, if you are thinking of investing in the m3i Keiser, then check out the Spinstream deal, you’ll be saving up to £200 on the online price, what’s to think about, get in touch.

m3 News!

Hey guys, intrigued by m3i range from Keiser, watch the vid