Welcome Lucy

We welcome to the Spinstream team Lucy, we hope you’ll enjoy her debut session that’ll be online in about 24 hours time! Whilst Ironman is not a pre-requisite for ace instructors to be part of our team, Lucy’s medal count for full ironman events is impressive, add G’s, Ian’s and Nicky’s medals together, then double the number and you’ll have the answer to her personal medal haul. Watch this space people

Another session from Ian

Part 3 of Ian’s Brickwork session is now online for you to enjoy, the full 60 minute version will be live on here tomorrow, have a great day.Wish us luck in the studio, we are back open today and news soon of a weekly LIVE facebook session, just for the Spinstream gang

Friday facts & stuff

The final LIVE in Lockdown class just happened this morning, the studio opens to the members and public next Tuesday, so, we will be working on a LIVE schedule programme again soon, we’ve done the hard work on the tech and whilst we use the Facebook platform (and all its randomness). Ian’s brickwork Part 2 is live now, enjoy that and maybe link Part 1 in first, giving you a full 40 minute work out

Ian is BACK!

Following on from last week’s exciting debut by team member Nicky, Ian returns to the Spinstream studio today, the first part of a 3 part session called Brickwork will be live shortly! G is live on Facebook at 12:15 today if you’re keen to do a 30 minute session, have a great day.

News, lots of it

Ian’s back in the studio right this minute recording a 60 minutes (3 x 20 blocks) session, lockdown for now is behind us, we are also LIVE at 12:15 on G’s facebook page. We welcome soon new members to the team, watch this space. Have a great day

Nicky’s Debut

Nicky’s first ever session at Spinstream is LIVE!

It’s ThuRsDAy!

Guys, we got a new 60 minute class online, we got 12:15 on G’s facebook page and we are LIVE there also, with her debut Spinstream session, Nicky’s class will be online later this morning, so GET on YOUR bike!

Wednesday, here we go!

Another brand new session for you, 30 minutes called ‘Pump it Up’ go on, get on it. 12:15 today, live on Facebook for 30 minutes if you’re free, hey, we are coming to the end of the Lockdown Live sessions so maybe you should join us

Bonus Content Tuesday

Another 45 minute session added for you today guys, we hope you enjoy String Theory

Hey Spinners, more new stuff & LIVE news

We’ve released the component parts of last weekend’s 85 minute calorie smasher, R1 current plays all the way, a climbs and sprints session and whether you’re on spin bike or turbo trainer, the 38 minute session called Wrench & Numbers is for you. Today’s LIVE session with G is at 12:15 on his own Facebook feed