Ok, so it’s Friday, it’s the weekend, today is all about G, two LIVE sessions, one at 06:45 this morning and one at 18:00 this evening, on which, that’s RockSpin for you, themes are going to be around for a while and, G’s session called ‘The Game of Groans’ is now live on the site. A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session that’s bound to get you to peak performance, on which, this morning’s 7 x 5 HIIT session is not just for spin, but turbo trainers too. The weekend is all about Nicky and Ian. Nicky is away this weekend on a really well earned break in the Isle of Wight and Harri is doing the complete opposite, ankle iced and following Doctors orders to get the swelling down on his injury, we wish them both a great weekend and of course, we wish you a great Friday and we will back in the morning with news of the weekend sessions being released this next few days