Monday HERE!

Hey team, it’s Monday! Just released a session called ‘Classics #4’ for you, we hope you enjoy it, nearly 40 minutes long. New day and new week, G here. ‘Don’t know about you, but I’m looking out at a beautiful sunrise this morning, I hope you are too. I’m full of good intent today and want to follow on from an epic week of nearly 14 hours and 150 miles of riding and probably more importantly, the upcoming release of the website, plus the team all being back for LIVE sessions this week. I hope you’ve got training goals and exciting things happening in your world right now too. I’ll be writing my G’ournal in the ‘Don’t Just Wish’ page shortly, maybe head over there and see if my endeavours can inspire you to be your best. Have a fantastic Monday, have an awesome week’ G, peace out y’all.

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