Sprint Series Part 2

Ian’s not only got the second part of the sprint series online now but some amazing tunes too! What you waiting for guys?

Radio 1 Bangers

On the way back from trail walking, saturday afternoon, some amazing recently released bangers on Radio 1, enjoy it you spinners, online now and if you’d like to refer a friend, it’s free to use for 24 hours

Sprint Series with Ian

Watch out later today, Ian’s sprint series gets under way with Part 1 of 3, try it out this weekend

Turbo Weekend

It’s up, 90 minutes of turbo/endurance cycling with Ian, you spinners, don’t knock it till you try it ok?

90 Minutes of Turbo Training

The next session we are posting has been rescued from the cutting room floor so to speak, rather than bin it off, sure the sound quality is great, but those of you that want some technique to focus on while you’re battering those legs on the bike on your turbo trainer then get on this, watch this space, its nearly ready to publish

Ian’s Developmental Stretches Part 3

The final part of this set of stretches from Ian, the trilogy is complete, come on, time to get bendy

Eats those Climbs!

G Class, one of his Favourite DJ’s of the last 2 years, Eats Everything, get on the beat, set the gear and CLIMB!

A Plug for SpinStream

Ian’s been filming today, the classes will be online very soon, here’s what he has to say if you’re just visiting for the first time:

More of a stretch

As we hit the weekend, an extra stretch video for you from Ian, c’mon let’s do this, maybe a couple of rest days coming up? Well, if you’ve put a few shifts in this week, rest and stretch together