New content is up

If you’re needing some new content this weekend, well there’s 2 x 45 minute classes just gone live (if you’d not fancied the 90 minute version) get pedalling

New content

Hey guys, more content is up from 15th May LIVE on facebook, enjoy

More content just released

Two more 30 minute sessions are now live on the site, parts 4 & 5 of the 1000 mile challenge, enjoy!

Today’s LIVE session

Facebook, Bolton Spin Lockdown group, it’s at 12:15 for 60 minutes, one full spin session with a bit of everything

More classes

Sessions 2 & 3 of the 1000 mile challenge are now live on here

Live News!

Today’s morning class went well, if you didn’t know about it, that’s cos you’re not in the Bolton Spin Lockdown group, which is free to you guys, so, another 30 minute class this evening at 5:30, join us

Live today & new content

Today’s LIVE sessions in the facebook Bolton Spin Lockdown group start at 12:15 thro’ 13:45, also, there’s part 1 of the 1000 mile Charity Challenge online here now, more to come. 30 minutes long

The Longest ever Spinstream session

Our big charity event raised over £2300 and here’s the sessions that helped us do that, well, most of it. 150 minutes for you guys to get your teeth into, or, to follow in the next few days, the sessions in 30 minute chunks, enjoy!

Today LIVE

Our two facebook live sessions are thirty minutes each, back to back and start at 12:29, we hope to see you I there. It’s in the members only Bolton Spin Lockdown group and if you’re not already a member, get a request done on facebook

Facebook LIVE and NEW content

We go live on Facebook in the Bolton Spin Lockdown group at 12:15 today, 90 minutes in total, dip in and out to suit your day. There’s another FULL 90 minute session online now if you prefer the BIG SPIN hit